Mushroom Dryer

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Mushroom Dryer

This dryer is useful for home drying of mushrooms (and herbs, nuts...). It uses (often) unused space at the top of a refrigerator. It has six independent PC vents from an electronic waste, each with two speeds. Air flows from the rear side, practically silent. It has no warming, uses warm from the fridge. Mushroom slices are on the racks, with net or wrapping paper.

Dryer consists from three parts. Cabinet, racks and vent frame.

Total drying area is 4 m², pre-drying spends 1 day (after this time content can be moved to intensive warm drying). Drying is not a bottle neck of the workflow with this dryer (for home use). Cutting will be the bottle neck.

Note: all pictures are clickable to large version.


Mushroom Dryer
Front view.

Rack 50x50 cm. 14 pieces.

After one day drying.


Full racks and vent is on.

Each vent has its own switch 1-0-2. 1 is 5V (breeze), 2 is 9V (wind). It is possible set 12V for 2 (strong wind).

Dryer is a kit. Racks on the left, long parts on the right. Plus source, power cable with switch and screws.


On the fridge.

Front view.

Back view.

Bottom. Felt pads.

Vent frame

Vent frame (from outside) with open and closed cable raceway.

Vent frame from inside and side view.

Vent frame (bottom view)

Vent mounting.

Wiring. Old version with two connectors (5V and 9V).

Wiring of switches.

MOLEX bus from old computer, MOLEX vent reduction accessory for one vent and MOLEX vent reduction for 4 vents (cut off).

Connection with MOLEX reduction.

Connection with vent connector.

Source 12V/5V from car adapter for old mobile phone. Time for improvisation.

DC adapter 5-12V/1000 mA (set 9V), socket outlet with switch.


Rack is "drawer" for dryed material. There are many ways how to made it. We have two types, both with wooden frame. One (massive) with a net and 13 (lite) with bee wiring.

Rack with net

We use it for some heavy things (nuts, rose hip fruits...). With paper or not. Two layers frame. A net can be washed.

Frame, net and paper.

Using with paper.

Bottom side.

Connection of laths.

Rack with paper

One layer frame. It needs careful using. Bee wire and metal pins.

The view from the top.

The view from the bottom. You can see bee wire and positioning of metal pins.

Detail of the wire ending with screw for stretching (sometimes in the future)

Connestion of laths. Screw and two posts from nails without heads.